Below the Surface

"The sea is the last free place on earth." - Ernest Hemingway

Another World

My second passion beside landscape photograhy is scuba diving.

Since i bought myself an underwater camera setup, i´m able to present you a small piece of what makes it so fantastic and unique. 

I just can recommend trying yourself!

Now enjoy the video & photos at my gallery!

Underwater Film

Underwater Photography

Makadi House Reef005
Makadi House Reef004
Makadi House Reef007
Makadi House Reef011
Makadi House Reef013
Makadi House Reef006
Makadi House Reef002
Makadi House Reef015
Makadi House Reef009
Makadi House Reef008
Makadi House Reef010
Makadi House Reef003
Makadi House Reef001
Makadi House Reef014
Makadi House Reef012

Makadi Bay - House Reef - Red Sea

Ras Disha-3
Ras Disha-4
Ras Disha-5
Ras Disha-16
Ras Disha-1
Ras Disha-14
Ras Disha-2
Ras Disha-6
Ras Disha-13
Ras Disha-15
Ras Disha-10
Ras Disha-11
Ras Disha-9
Ras Disha-12
Ras Disha-8
Ras Disha-7

Makadi Bay - Ras Disha - Red Sea


Marsa Alam - Abu Dabbab - Red Sea

Torfa Abu Makadi-6
Torfa Abu Makadi-13
Torfa Abu Makadi-16
Torfa Abu Makadi-14
Torfa Abu Makadi-11
Torfa Abu Makadi-15
Torfa Abu Makadi-2
Torfa Abu Makadi-3
Torfa Abu Makadi-17
Torfa Abu Makadi-19
Torfa Abu Makadi-20
Torfa Abu Makadi-7
Torfa Abu Makadi-12
Torfa Abu Makadi-1
Torfa Abu Makadi-5
Torfa Abu Makadi-8
Torfa Abu Makadi-9
Torfa Abu Makadi-18
Torfa Abu Makadi-10
Torfa Abu Makadi-4

Makadi Bay - Torfa Abu Makadi - Red Sea